Podcast of the week: Interview with the awesomely creepy Nightmare on Film Street

This weeks, podcast of the week, is one for all of you horror film buffs out there. Nightmare on Film Street is a podcast that delves into some of the most chilling new and classic horror films. 

Launched in 2016, Nightmare on Film Street is hosted by Canadian husband and wife horror enthusiasts, rainbow-haired lipstick addict Kim and coffee grinding, craft bear drinking Jon.


The laugh-out-loud funny and incredibly addictive podcast is reminiscent of the kind of chat you would have with a horror loving mate. Unwind from your day-to-day life and find out about some lesser known indie horror films, see if someone shares your horror views, or listen to some epic commentary while watching a horror film. (The closest thing to being social, without having to actually be social) 

We had the awesome opportunity to have a chat with Nightmare on Film Street’s hosts. Check it out below: 

Tell me a bit about yourselves and your podcast? 

Kim: Sure thing; Nightmare on Film Street is a weekly Horror podcast. Every week we pick from one of our formats and deliver a chilling episode based on that theme or movie; there’s the Head-to-Head (where we battle two similarly-themed films and pick a winner), Drive Home From The Drive-In (A Spur-of-the-moment review of a new horror films just released to theatres), Top 5 (where we list the 5 best films in a given category), and lastly- Commentary from the Crypt (where we record a live film commentary of us watching a horror community favorite).

The podcast is hosted by myself, Kim, and my husband, Jon. We’re a couple of Canadian Horror fans who have zero ties to the film industry; hence our show’s tagline claiming ‘zero credibility’. We use this to our advantage in the show – it’s very informal, conversational and comedic. Our show is for everyone from the casual horror viewer to the die-hard fan. Using a variety of films – from the classic and mainstream to indie-horror breakout hits, we dance all over the genre and try to provide something for everyone.

Describe how your love of horror began, and how old you were when you watched your first horror movie?

Kim: I think for me, a lot of my introduction came from The Simpsons‘ Treehouse of Horror Specials. It grew into an afternoon TV obsession; hunting down every episode of Are you Afraid of the Dark and Goosebumps. And, with hefty dose of the macabre-fantasy flicks of Tim Burton – Nightmare Before Christmas, (and one of my favourite movies of all time) Beetlejuice,  I was soon graduating to full-on Horror films pretty early- about 10 years old. Being the youngest, I kind of had the advantage in my family of watching whatever I pleased. My siblings were all a fair bit older, so the basement rec-room became my domain. Way before it was a good idea, I was popping in the VHS of ‘Silence of the Lambs‘ or the ‘Blair Witch Project‘.

Jon: I had an obsession with movie posters. At about 8 years old, I had covered my entire room. Horror movie posters were the ones that gave me questions – I wanted to know what those movies were about. It was a door that I needed to see what was behind. Around that time, my mom started working at a video store – pretty much leaving me with free reign of the entire shop (minus whatever mysterious films they kept behind that beaded curtain). One day I drifted into the horror section, and I started renting those posters one by one; Evil Dead, Jason Goes to Hell, Troll II.

Tell us about a popcorn dropping – wet yourself worthy – moment you experienced while watching a horror film.

Kim: One of the scariest moments I can recall was going to see the first Insidious film in theatres. I try not to watch trailers if I can, because I like to be completely surprised. In this instance, I had no idea what I was about to see. The theatre was packed, so we had to sit up near the front. When the opening credits started to play, combined with eerie music and the crawling imagery taking you throughout the scene of the house – I remember looking over at Jon and giving him like a ‘THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD‘ face. The part that actually scared the crap out of me – and I think I’ve actually mentioned it on the podcast before – was when the title card finally pops up. It took up the entire screen in big, red letters – INSIDIOUS; but it was the shrill string instruments at top volume – just HISSING. I have never been so frightened by a violin in my life.

Jon: When I was a kid, we had the Shining on VHS – and I was strictly forbade from going anywhere near it. So naturally, I watched it immediately. There’s a little featurette at the beginning before the movie plays where Jack Nicholson is getting into character behind-the-scenes and then the original trailer for the film. I never made it past that trailer. The clip where the elevators open and wash the room with blood was nothing like I had ever even imagined before, and I was instantly petrified. I hit eject SO fast. Even having to touch the VHS tape to put it back on the shelf was torture.

You began Nightmare on Film Street this year, can you tell me about the moment you came up with the idea to start a horror podcast? 

Kim: We’re always working on some project or another. Early on in our relationship Jon and I started a music blog and radio show. They were both awful- terrible quality, bad artwork, you name it – but they taught us a lot about broadcasting and speaking to a virtual audience. It’s been about 8 years since that first rudimentary attempt. We’re huge podcast fans; I’m more of a true crime buff whereas Jon is more into Comedy – but it just kind of fit. We’d been spit-balling ideas and themes for our own show for what felt like an eternity – when finally this past Summer, we just sat down and started recording. Those first few episodes were TERRIBLE, and they will never see the light of day.. but after a few attempts, each episode got better. Then Nightmare on Film Street was born.

The name Nightmare on Film Street is obviously derived from the film Nightmare on Elm Street, but what process did you go through to come up with the name? Were there any other name choices you were tossing around?

Kim: I actually had to pull out my old notebook for this one. ‘Fairly Odd Films‘, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Showdown‘, ‘The Spooky Screener‘… can you tell we like puns?

How has the response to your podcast been so far? Did you expect to receive the amount of listeners you have? 

Kim: We’re only a couple of months into this, and our feed has about 15 episodes right now. We’re still babies in the podcasting community, but so far the response has been just- amazing! It’s a thrill to have people message us on Twitter to tell us about an episode they’ve just listened to, or to open up iTunes and see a new review. I check our Patreon Page before we record each episode to remind myself we have actual, real, in-the-flesh fans and each episode we release needs to be the BEST content we’ve got.

Jon: I’m always surprised when someone says, ‘I don’t know why, but I love your podcast’ – because I don’t know why they like our podcast either! It’s so much fun to sit down and record each episode, that you almost forget people are looking forward to seeing it in their feed.

Have you had any hilarious ‘blooper worthy’ moments while creating your podcast? 

Kim: The only one I can think of occurred about 5 episodes in. We had just finished recording an entire Head-to-Head episode, and we’re really happy with how it went. When we opened up the track to start editing it, our dog – a 2 year old pug – SNORED THROUGH THE ENTIRE TRACK. We were ready to scrap the entire episode, but with the help of about 30 Youtube Tutorials, we were able to isolate most of the snores and dampen them out. I can’t remember which episode it is, but you can still hear the odd snort that we couldn’t remove. We now kick the dog out of the recording room.

Jon: Kim is just now learning this, but I have been keeping a folder of all of the outtakes and cuts from the edits. One day, I will have enough of these goofs to create a Franken-Episode, which we’ll probably send out to our Patreon Supporters. One big blooper – that is unfortunately un-fixable in post – is our constant mixing up of Cabin in the Woods and Cabin Fever. Nearly everytime we mention one of these films, we likely get it wrong.

Which of you are more likely to survive a horror film? 

Kim: Full honestly? Probably Jon. I’d just be happy to not be the first one out. If it was a 5-friends-in-a-cabin-being-picked-off-one-by-one kind of deal, the killer would likely find me tucked away in the kitchen cupboard drinking cooking sherry because it’s all I could find in a panic. Jon would be like- on the roof or something, signalling help like a resourceful adult.

Jon: Zombie Outbreak? No chance. Slasher? No sweat.

Where can people go to listen to Nightmare on Film Street?

We release episodes every week! You can stream them on our website; NOFSPODCAST.com, or download on any of the major podcasting platforms; iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Google Play. Just search ‘Nightmare on Film Street’! 

Thanks so much Kim and Jon, we look forward to listening to more of Nightmare on Film Street


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Podcast of the week: Interview with the awesomely creepy Nightmare on Film Street

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