Hazel Hayes’ ‘Hot Mess’ is far from a hot mess

Hazel Hayes is a Filmmaker and Youtuber. She is perhaps best known for her channel ‘ChewingSand’, and her work on the short films ‘Super Brainy Zombies’, ‘Dementia’, ‘Septum’, ‘Happy’, and of course her ongoing Youtube series, ‘Time of the Month’ and ‘Tipsy Talk’.

Hazel’s newest creation is a five-minute excerpt from her yet-to-be-commissioned sitcom ‘Hot Mess’, that she not only wrote and directed but also starred in.

Hazel Hayes plays Caitlin – a pick you up in the middle of the night kind of friend. An organised list making hot mess who thinks sprinkling her ex’s clothes with glitter counts as an adequate form of pay-back. (In her defence – glitter is the devil’s creation).

Andrea Valls (Blue Sushi, Friend Like Me) plays Maria – the kind of hot mess who will get drunk at a party and call her best friend to pick her up – but of course only after she has first thrown a goldfish at a guy, who perhaps, hopefully, deserved it. I don’t think the goldfish did though – R.I.P.

While the characters are fun and humorous, they are also believable and have a hell of a lot of heart. It is the tiny details in ‘Hot Mess’ that really make you fall in love with the story.

When Caitlin tucks Maria’s bags away, after she has so thoughtless plonked them in the middle of the hallway, the character shows that she is a caring mother hen who is willing to put up with the complete and utter madness Maria brings into her life.

Maria might be a little wilder than Caitlin, but she shows her love for her best friend with subtle but thoughtful gestures such as fetching a glass of water not only for herself but also for Cait – without needing to be asked. I mean, what more could you want from a friend really.

While Hot Mess’ genuine characters alone are a case for the sitcom’s commissioning, so is it’s perfectly undisruptive camera work and thoughtful editing that doesn’t cut out the small personal moments. It is so nice to watch a short that lets the production fade into the background, instead of constantly reminding you that you are watching an artsy film.

Youtube is often depicted as an ‘amateurs’ platform, but time and time again creators are proving that their work deserves respect. ‘Hot Mess’ is an excellent example of a low budget production that – from the bite-sized excerpt we have seen – outperforms several big-budget sitcoms.

While we only saw a minuscule piece of what ‘Hot Mess’ has to offer, the excerpt shows a promising outlook for the hopefully upcoming full-length project.

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Hazel Hayes’ ‘Hot Mess’ is far from a hot mess

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