HBO has finally revealed the release date for Game of Thrones season 7, however, in true Ramsay Bolton fashion, the network decided to first torture its fans by making them watch a block of ice melt… for over an hour. If you were lucky enough to miss the live stream, it is time to get out your calendars because Game of Thrones will be returning July 16.

HBO came up with a unique plan to reveal their release date this year, unfortunately, it turned out to be a magnificent disaster that led fans to hilariously vent their frustrations on Twitter.

In order to reveal the release date of their highly anticipated 7th season, Game of Thrones encouraged fans to tune in to a Facebook live stream where they proceeded to attack a block of ice with a flamethrower. Facebook users were asked to type ‘Fire’ into the comments to help melt the block of ice, but it didn’t do much good, as the process was painstakingly drawn out for over an hour.

At its peak, the live stream was being watched by over 1.5 million fans, who became frustrated when the reveal took much longer than expected. Over the course of the hour, the video cut out twice before a second flamethrower was brought in and the block finally met its demise.

In addition, the network released a 1:30-minute teaser trailer for the seventh season.

Game of Thrones season 7 which will consist of seven episodes rather than its traditional ten. The show will return July 16.

If you need a laugh, check out some of the hilarious twitter responses to the Game of Thrones FB live stream:

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