Netflix has been getting ready to wish its users a Happy Easter this year by removing the Netflix five-star rating system. That’s right, Netflix is going the Youtube route, ditching the stars for a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

According to The Verge, Netflix’s Vice president of product, Todd Yellin, praised the change.

“Five stars feels very yesterday now,” Yellin said.

In a press briefing, Yellin told journalists that the company had tested the new system with hundred of thousands of members in 2016. The new system resulted in 200% more ratings than the traditional star-ranking.

“We’re spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge,” he said.

“bubbling up the stuff people actually want to watch is super important.”

So how will Netflix users find out what they want to watch? The streaming platform will introduce a percentage match feature. The feature will show each user a personalised percentage of how likely they are to love a film or television show. According to reports, a program that receives less than 50% won’t display a match-rating.

What will happen to all of the ratings you have already made on the streaming platform? They will disappear, but users will still benefit from their previous reviews. According to Netflix, they will be used to personalize the profiles of Netflix users.

The change is expected to roll out in April, but it will not be in effect globally. So depending on where you live, you may be able to hold onto the star-rating system for a little while longer.

What do you think of the Netflix change? Would you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down? 

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