Expect a new kind of ‘big bad’ to spice things up for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his friends over at S.T.A.R. Laboratories in season four of CW’s The Flash.

Throughout the first three seasons, The Flash’s main foes have been Speedsters. The Zoom, Reverse Flash, and Savitar, have all been able to keep up with Barry Allen by running at super-speed. Now, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg has revealed one important detail about the fourth season which could potentially change the shows dynamic.

“Next season, we’re not going to have a speedster as the main bad guy,” Kreisberg said.

While this is big news for the guys over at S.T.A.R. Labs, season four doesn’t kick-off until next year, which means, for now, they still have a speedster to face. While the team might need a break from super fast-running foes next year, Kreisberg thinks Savitar is a perfect villain for the current season.

“With Savitar, we know who he is, and we’ve been planning this for a while,” said Kreisberg.

“The first two seasons were about having fun with his powers, and this season for Barry [Gustin] is really about the pitfalls of having powers, and that’s the story we wanted to tell. That’s why Savitar was the perfect villain for that story.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

What are your villain predictions for season four of The Flash

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