Twin Peaks is back and weirder than ever: Part 1 & 2 recap and breakdown

Twin Peaks review and Recap part 1 & 2

David Lynch‘s cult favourite series has returned to the small screen and it looks like the newest season is heading in a direction that is darker and more bizarre than ever.

In a truly – WTF just happened? – 2-hour premiere, fans were thrust back into the weird and wacky dreamscape world of Twin Peaks. Unlike the seasons that came before, the premiere had us jumping back and forth between loosely connected scenes that weren’t entirely centred around the town we have come to know and love. In the highly anticipated revival, we were, as expected, re-introduced to the town of Twin Peaks and the Red Room/Black Lodge, but in an all new twist, Lynch and Mark Frost decided to take the story into some new locations, New York City, Buckhorn South Dakota and Las Vegas, Nevada.

While the two-part premiere certainly proved a lot to digest, it didn’t disappoint. It has been over twenty-five years since the cult mystery graced our television screens, and despite some hugely inflated fan expectations, Twin Peaks managed to beat the odds and bring a premiere episode that thrusts a well-loved series into the modern age without letting go of its 90s charms. However, the changes might not be for everyone. The series has certainly become weirder and darker with age and could be hit or miss for those who tuned in for a murder mystery and quirky town relationships. While we are loving this new more twisted Twin Peaks, we are also hoping that the season will bring back Special Agent Dale Cooper’s famous and unbeatable charm. Bring him some doughnuts, a cup of coffee and a cherry pie and I am sure he will be back to his old self in no time.

Twin Peaks season 3: Part 1 & 2 Recap and breakdown:

Twin Peaks:Twin Peaks

In the town of Twin Peaks, we were reacquainted with former Doctor Lawrence Jacoby, who, still donning his trademark red and blue glasses, received a mysteriously large order of shovels. Great Nothern Hotel manager Ben and his hilarious high-as-a-kite brother Jerry also made a short reappearance, all the while we met Beverly, the newest employee at the Great Nothern, who was trying her best to solve a skunk issue.

A now married Lucy Brennan hinted that there are two Sheriff Trumans in town. She also revealed that Agent Cooper has been missing since the birth of her and Andy’s son, Wally, who is now 24-years-old. It seems that despite her years of receptionist experience, she still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of phones, or helpful responses to customer enquires.

Nearing the end of the premiere, we saw James Hurley and Shelly Johnson at the Road House, and learned that James has been in a motorcycle accident which has made him ‘quieter’, and that Shelly has a daughter named Becky, who is with someone who is not good for her. Jacques Renault, who was murdered in the show’s first season, also makes an appearance at the bar – wait, what?!

On the weirder side of town, Sarah Palmer puffed on her cigarette as she watched a pack of lions rip an animal to shreds on the Discovery Channel. Totally normal.

Our red glasses wearing favourite, Margaret passed on a message from her log to Deputy Hawk. “Something is missing and you have to find it. It has to do with special agent Dale Cooper,” said the tired looking log lady. “The way you will find it has something to do with your heritage. This is a message from the log.”

New York City:

Twin Peaks Glass Box

For the first time, the small town mystery has travelled out of the confines of Twin Peaks and into New York. With a crisp ariel shot of the city, fans were transported to an odd looking Manhattan building featuring an empty glass box and a young man (Ben Rosenfield), who was hired by an unknown billionaire to watch over it.

The tedious task had him staring at the glass container until an intercom and a series of beeping sounds prompted him to retrieve, and file away, an SD card from the camera pointed toward it. Of course in true Lynch fashion, we were left anticipating the arrival of something, something that didn’t come, at least… not yet, as the camera switched slowly back and forth between the empty box and the glaring man.

When the building’s security guard went missing and the man’s curious coffee clad date (Madeline Zima) finally got a glimpse inside the room, an almost alien-like body manifested inside the glass box. Just when the pair got busy with their randevú, they noticed the writhing and thrashing horror as it released itself from the box and launched at the pair, leaving them bloody and presumably dead.

Buckhorn South Dakota:

Twin Peaks South Dakota

“You remind me today of a small Mexican Chihuahua.”

In Buckhorn South Dakota, a forgetful woman and her Chihuahua walked down the long apartment building hallway when the dog noticed a rancid smell coming from neighbour Ruth’s apartment building.

When two police officers finally obtain a key, they find Ruth’s severed head lying on her bed and the body of an unknown man hidden under the covers. The murder is pinned on a principal named Bill Hastings, whose prints were found scattered throughout the apartment.

The police file a warrant to search the Hasting’s home and find an unknown fleshy object in the boot of their car. We later find out that Hastings and his wife were both involved in a secret adulterous relationship.

Red Room/Black Lodge:

Over the course of the two-hour premiere, Cooper received a lot of strange visits in the red room. First, The Giant came to Cooper and asked him to “Listen to the sounds”, as a phonograph made an odd squeaking noise. Much like he did once before, The Giant asks Cooper to remember a strange sequence 430, Richard and Linda, and two birds with one stone.

Laura Palmer also paid Dale Cooper a visit in the red room. “Are you Laura Palmer,” Cooper asked her. “I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back…” she responded much like she did the first time, but this time she did something weird. Laura peeled off her face like a mask to reveal a shining white light on the inside. After a familiar kiss and a whisper in the ear, Laura Palmer and the room around her shakes, as she screams and disappears into the air.

The one-armed man pops up not long after, and asks Cooper if this is the future or “is it the past”. The pair then met with a strange tree, a tree with a talking fleshy growth, known as the ‘evolution of the arm’. “He must come back in before you can go out.” says the arm. “253 time and time again.”

After being asked to leave by the evolution of the arm, Cooper watches through the red curtains as his doppelganger drives along the highway wearing his skin. As the episode nears a close, Cooper falls through the shaking floor of the Red Room and finds himself inside the glass box in New York, before falling into a black starry-abyss.

Greasy Dale Cooper Doppelganger:

Agent Cooper’s evil greasy doppelganger visits a hillbilly home, knocks out a man with a gun keeping watch outside, and asks for a man named Ray and a women name Daria. He recruits the two for an unknown crime, before planning to murder them for conspiring to kill him.

He ends the life of a man named Jack who he said wired his car and shoots the double-crossing Daria in the head. Presumably, Ray would have been the third victim if he had shown up to meet with Cooper’s evil look-alike like they had planned.

The creepy doppelganger later takes a phone call with someone he believes to be Philip from New York. “You met with Major Garland Briggs,” exclaims the man on the other line. Bad Cooper soon realises that the person he is talking to isn’t who he thinks it is. “You are going back in tomorrow, and I will be with Bob again,” says the voice.

Bad Cooper breaks into the Department of Justice website to download security footage from the Yankton Federal Prison, and before the episode comes to an end, meets with a shady looking lady wearing nightgown in the hotel room next door

Questions that still need answers:

What is Jacoby digging with his assortment of shovels?

Who is the billionaire running the project with the glass box? and what was that thing in the glass box?

Who was bad-Cooper talking to on the phone?

When will Special Agent Dale Cooper get his hands on another damn fine and hot cup coffee?

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Twin Peaks is back and weirder than ever: Part 1 & 2 recap and breakdown

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