‘Wynonna Earp’ renewed for third season at Comic Con, we have the panel round-up

Wynonna Earp is Syfy’s little misfit show that has gone a lot further than anyone ever expected. Debuting as a Western-horror hybrid with a splash of comedy, it really shouldn’t work. Except, combine it with a talented cast, badass female characters, great representation and witty one-liners, and it absolutely does. At this year’s Comic Con, the cast not only appeared on their panel but announced that Season 3 is on the way in 2018. This is huge for a show that relies heavily on online fan presence, and it further proves the power of fandom. However, the show still has half a season of madness to get through before 2018.

The panel consisted of cast members Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, Tim Rozon, Shamier Anderson, Varun Saranga, Tamara Duarte and creators Emily Andras and Beau Smith. One of the biggest surprises this year was Wynonna’s pregnancy, which was because of Scrofano’s real life pregnancy. Not only has it been handled beautifully, but Wynonna is still capable of being the powerful leading lady she is. Scrofano is a real life superhero, which is a huge reason why the show feels so genuine.

Since a pregnancy isn’t willing to slow Wynonna down, the rest of the characters don’t have any excuses. However, they don’t need any, especially with the women on this show being equally as strong. Provost-Chalkley discussed Waverly’s decision to tell Wynonna that she’s not really an Earp. This comes from her sitting on the truth for about half a season now, and that was after she was possessed by a demon. Barrell (Nicole) talked about how nice it was for Nicole to finally let her hair down a little. She also enjoys the fact that she’s not around just to be Waverly’s love interest, but has her own storyline this season with Tucker Gardner.

The men on this show are also pretty fantastic. We don’t know with certainty what Dolls (Anderson) is, but a dragon-lizard hybrid seems to be the best guess right now. Another highlight is all combinations of Dolls, Doc (Rozon) and newcomer Jeremy (Saranga). All three cast members said they enjoy their interactions, especially the comedic ones that happen a lot in Jeremy’s presence. Speaking of newcomers, we haven’t seen a lot of Rosita, but Duarte promises her favourite moments are yet to come. 

Although we have no details of what’s happening next season, just having a third season is enough for fans. With a passionate following and dedicated cast, there’s no doubt that Wynonna is going to continue kicking ass for the next season and beyond.

Wynonna Earp is currently airing new episodes every Friday night on Syfy.

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‘Wynonna Earp’ renewed for third season at Comic Con, we have the panel round-up

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