3 Game of Thrones fan theories that will blow your mind (spoilers, duh!)

Game of Thrones theories

We are only the third episode in on Game of Thrones’ seventh season but we have already seen some highly awaited reunions, memorable first meetings, and a shocking death confession.

We still have a whole lot more to come, but some fans or should we say seers are predicting what might come next. Here are the top three fan theories you need to hear following the show’s third episode.

Warning: A whole bunch of spoilers ahead. 

1. Cersei’s chambermaid is actually Arya

Cersei Arya Game of Thrones

If you have watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, The Queen’s Justice, you will remember the weird scene where Cersei invited her chambermaid in to change her sheets despite the fact it would reveal her incestuous relationship with her brother.

There are a couple of things to note about this interaction, first off, it seems like Cersei might be forcing her minions to get the same haircut as her own. But, more importantly, Arya, who has Cersei on her hit list, never showed up during the show’s third episode… or did she? Either the creators want us to think something is going on with the chambermaid by lingering the camera on an insignificant character, or the chambermaid is, in fact, Arya in disguise.

We know that in episode two, Stormborn, Arya met her Direwolf Nymeria in the forest, who refused to follow her back to Winterfell. Perhaps this interaction convinced Arya to change her path and to venture off to complete what she set out.

2. The Valonqar – Cersei’s death by her little brother

We all know that Cersei met a seer called Maggy the Frog who told her three things. She told her that she would marry a king (Robert Baratheon), that she would have three bastard children all of whom would die, and finally that a younger, more beautiful would cast her down and take everything she holds dear. In the book, there was another prophecy, that she would be murdered by the Valonqar. 

“And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

George R.R. Martin confirmed that Valonqar means younger sibling. While it would make sense that Cersei would die by the hands of Tyrion who has every reason to strike his sister down, there is another person much closer to Cersei who also ticks the box. Jaime, her twin brother and lover is also her younger sibling.

We know that Jaime has displayed a caring side that his sister has never quite possessed and that Jaime killed the Mad King for using wildfire, which his sister recently used to burn the sept.

So, perhaps Jaime will finally see some sense and bring an end to her reign?

3. Zombie Dragon fan theory

Another popular theory is that Daenerys will lose one of her dragons to the Night King.

It is believed that Jon Snow will set out to prove the White Walkers exist and in doing so get himself into a spot of trouble. The theory goes that when Daenerys swoops in to save him, one of her dragons dies and is brought back to life in zombie form by the Night King.

While this fan prediction is very specific, It is also possible that one of her dragons could be killed and turned during battle, perhaps leading to an epic dragon boss fight against Daenerys remaining dragons.

If you thought the White Walkers were terrifying, imagine a zombie dragon.

What are your Game of Thrones theories? Let us know in the comments below.

While you wait for episode four, why not watch the preview trailer below:

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3 Game of Thrones fan theories that will blow your mind (spoilers, duh!)

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