12 Everyday items that were turned into movie and TV props


1. Game of Thrones – Ikea Rugs

Game of Thrones had a whopping $10 million budget per episode in its sixth season, but it hasn’t stopped the show’s costume designers from getting thrifty.

Emmy Award-winning designer Michele Clapton recently announced that the show’s fur capes are actually made from Ikea rugs. “We take anything we can; we cut and we shave them and then we added strong leather straps,” said Clapton.

Following the announcement, Ikea released instructions on how to don their rugs GOT style.

2. Mad Max Fury Road – Gardening Fork

When Max is used as a blood bag and strapped to the front of War Boy’s car in Mad Max Fury Road, his face is covered with a muzzle.

When you take a close look you might notice that the muzzle is actually made from a gardening fork which has been freed from its handle.

3. Mad Max Fury Road – Shoe Measure

Speaking of Mad Max Fury Road, when Furiosa is putting the pedal to the metal, she is actually measuring the size of her feet.

Yup, her ride is fitted out with one of those measuring devices commonly found in shoe stores.

4. Stranger Things – Not Pudding

If Stranger Things gave you a craving for chocolate pudding we have some bad news for you.

While the Netflix show did an excellent job of acquiring real retro props, unfortunately, Hunt’s chocolate pudding cans aren’t being manufactured anymore.

This meant that props creator Lynda Reiss needed to get inventive. The props department decided to use cans of Vienna sausages and luncheon meat and fit them with a replica chocolate-pudding label.

“The kids had to keep opening them in the scenes, and they were gagging. It smelled disgusting,” said Reiss in an interview with Wired.

5. V for Vendetta – Book Light

That high-tech signal jammer in V for Vendetta is not as high-tech as it might first appear.

In fact, it actually just an ordinary book light. However, the props department did do some modification, replacing the standard white LED light for a more menacing red glow.

6. Star Trek – Dyson Airblade

Ever wonder why those futuristic contraptions in Star Trek look so familiar?

Perhaps you need to take a trip to a public toilet to refresh your memory. That’s right, attached to either side of the wall is a Dyson Airblade, which is handy if anyone on The Starship Enterprise desperately needs to dry their hands.

7.Star Trek – Swedish Salt Shakers

Star Trek‘s weird props don’t stop there. If you are heading to The Starship Enterprise’s sick bay you are in a spot of bad luck, unless of course, you are low on sodium. Dr. McCoy’s instruments were nothing more than exotic Swedish salt shakers.

In The Making of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry stated:

[Feinberg] went out and bought a selection of very exotic-looking salt shakers. It was not until after he brought them in and showed them to me that I realized they were so beautifully shaped and futuristic that the audience would never recognize them as salt shakers. I would either have to use 20th Century salt shakers or I would have to have a character say “See, this is a salt shaker.” So I told Irving to go down to the studio commissary and bring me several of their salt shakers, and as he turned to go, I said “However, those eight devices you have there will become Dr. McCoy’s operating instruments.” For two years now, the majority of McCoy’s instruments in Sick Bay have been a selection of exotic salt shakers, and we know they work, because we’ve seen them work. Not only has he saved many a life with them but it’s helped keep our prop budget costs low.

8. Terra Nova – Nerf Guns

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12 Everyday items that were turned into movie and TV props

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