Wynonna Earp breaks all the rules in Season 2 – and does it well

Wynonna Earp has always been special. When Season 1 aired in mid-2016 on Syfy, a hoard of hungry fans came with it. It quickly became a social media juggernaut, and these fans are responsible for the well-deserved season renewals it’s received so far. Somehow the stars aligned, and all the right ingredients were mixed together to create something truly magical. This includes a brilliant, down-to-earth cast and a group of writers who are open to listening and learning. Showrunner Emily Andras has created something truly powerful that is worth the loyal fanbase it has.

The cast consists of Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon and Katherine Barrell. These guys aren’t just talented, but they’re engaged with the fandom to create a close community. Even after two seasons, they haven’t lost the light that tends to diminish in casts over time. The best thing about this show is that Wynonna is the lead, but everyone is a star. Fans entered this season excited, and we got everything from alternate universes to very, very long naps.

Time to break down this whirlwind of a season!

Let’s talk about Wynonna

Where do we even begin with Wynonna? While Scrofano’s pregnancy was unexpected, it was also an opportunity to do something beautiful and authentic. It’s handled extremely well, and allows for Scrofano to show parts of Wynonna that we’ve never seen before. The parentage of the child (eventually named Alice Michelle) is also a big mystery of the season. Not only did Wynonna sleep with Doc (Rozon) in Season 1, but we learn that he’s not the only one. The baby’s safety is in question just by being an Earp, but the possibility of it being half-revenant only amplifies it. Besides dealing with all of that, Wynonna can still kick some serious ass. She’s doing backflips and kicking in doors like it’s nobody’s business, and it just proves that a pregnancy can’t slow a woman down.

Not only is Wynonna trying to navigate being pregnant, but just about everything else is a mess as well. At the beginning of the season, the original team is not united, Waverly is possessed, and Black Badge has completely vanished. Still, Wynonna is the thread that binds everyone together, and our unlikely hero is somehow exactly the right person for the job. Even after making the hardest choices possible (like having to give up her baby to keep her safe), she still manages to get back on her feet. Scrofano is the real-life superhero that makes this show what it is.

Waverly’s been through… a lot

Waverly Earp is the heart and soul of this show. When she hurts, it hurts the rest of us. It was naive of us to think that the biggest issue of the season would be her demonic transformation, even if it did take up a good portion of the first half. This causes her to be a little more daring, a little more disgusting, and the ability to regrow limbs. Which is handy, considering one of hers does get cut off. Besides her capacity to be completely evil, many of Provost-Chalkley’s talents are on display throughout the season (and she sure is talented). These include singing, cheerleading, fighting and delivering babies on pool tables. It’s almost disappointing when the demon is finally killed, but I’ll be happy to never see her eat a dead demon spider ever again.

Even more surprising is that Waverly isn’t the only one to take on such a burden. We had some time with strangely-compelling demon Wynonna. Not that I’m complaining, because we get two out-of-this-world performances from two possessed sisters.

Waverly and Wynonna have always been a powerhouse team, especially when one is in some form of danger. The lengths one will go to save the other is always extraordinary, and further proof that they’re the best relationship this show has. Their most beautiful scenes to date are in the finale, and somehow Scrofano and Provost-Chalkley manage to step up their game even more.

Katherine Barrell is a star

Everyone knows it and there’s no denying it. Seeing Nicole step up has been one of the most satisfying parts of this season. Not only that, but she brings her own refreshing brand of comedy and light. When Nedley (Greg Lawson) tells her he wants her to be Sheriff one day, I could instantly see a future where Nicole is the one keeping Purgatory safe. While Nicole faced disappointment being left out of Black Badge affairs, Nedley reminds her that it’s important to be a good cop as well. Just because she’s not the Earp heir, a dragon-lizard, or an immortal gunslinger, doesn’t mean she can’t be a hero in her own right.

Nicole becomes more involved in demonic matters, she shoots a creepy homophobe, and almost dies trying to save Waverly. Barrell delivers every scene with grace and a rare presence that makes it a privilege to watch her. You can bet when she, Dominique and Melanie are on screen together, it’s almost too much talent to handle.

Wayhaught, Wayhaught, Wayhaught

I can’t say enough about the beautiful pairing that is Waverly and Nicole. This show has its fair share of darkness, but these two have always brought such a light. Even if it isn’t always smooth sailing, they always have each other’s backs. They also always come back to each other, even in alternate universes where Waverly is marrying someone else. The chemistry between Provost-Chalkey and Barrell is electric, and every moment is a blessing.

Not only are they adorable, but they’re a great team. Even in the alternate universe episode, the two of them are protecting each other and kicking ass. Soulmates, anyone? Let’s just say Nicole’s “I’d shoot anybody for you” declaration comes in handy on a few occasions throughout the season.

There were undoubtedly some bumps in the road – including a few lies and Nicole having a Vegas wife that nobody knew about. There are also still secrets that are yet to be told, like Waverly kissing Rosita, and the fact that Nicole seems to be sitting on something huge in the final scene. Still, I think Season 2 has proven that nothing can keep them apart for too long.

Let’s talk about the boys

Doc and Dolls (Anderson) had huge seasons of their own. With the dissolving of Black Badge, Dolls has to come to terms with the fact that nobody is making the rules anymore. On top of that, he’s dealing with his… condition, and we learn that he’s definitely capable of breathing fire. He’s also trying his best to navigate the complicated relationship that is Wynonna / Doc / Dolls. No matter what, he’s supportive of Wynonna and there is truly no better guy out there. By the end of the finale, we can see that Dolls may have even more secrets. Some of these he may be sharing with our favourite redheaded officer.

Doc was a clear standout this season. He becomes a father and battles with his agelessness, and Rozon is amazing at delivering all sides of him. Doc is the one who is most connected to the two newcomers, as he has great scenes with both Jeremy (Varun Saranga) and Rosita (Tamara Duarte). This just proves that Rozon has the kind of versatility that allows him to be thrown with any actor and receive instant chemistry. I’m also interested to see how he deals with the aftermath of losing a child in Season 3, and even if he thinks about trying to get Alice back.

The widows and Demon Clootie

Our main villains for this season come in the form of the widows. These two are the sister wives of Clootie, who is responsible for cursing Wyatt Earp all those years ago. The widows take on the faces of Mercedes (Dani Kind) and Beth Gardner (Meghan Heffern) in order to break the three seals that will cause Demon Clootie to rise once more. Although Wynonna and Doc use some very badass skills to kill the widows, they already achieved their goal beforehand. It’s safe to assume that Season 3 will focus heavily on trying to take down Clootie once and for all.

Who is Waverly’s father?

Another mystery of the season was a seed planted back in the Season 1 finale. Bobo (Michael Eklund) tells Waverly that she isn’t an Earp, and it sits with her for the entire season. It makes sense – she can’t break the Earp curse and Ward Earp was never really fond of her. But who is her father? For a long time we’re led to believe it’s Bobo himself, but that doesn’t seem to be the case after all. One of my favourite scenes of the finale is Waverly crossing the line with the baby in her arms to see if either of them are part-demon. In the end, neither of them are, which once again makes Waverly question everything (it also proves the baby is Doc’s). She may be related to Bobo in some way, but who is her father?

Speaking of parents…

At the end of the finale, we know that Wynonna knows where her mother is. Waverly thinks she abandoned them a long time ago. I’m not looking forward to the conversation this will lead to in Season 3. Waverly is someone who feels a deep sense of loss when it comes to all family members, so there’s no doubt she’ll feel betrayed by this. However, with the return of her mother, Waverly may finally get the answers she seeks. Also, I’m very curious to see who they cast in this role.

Fresh faces!

Back on the subject of talent, the two newcomers Varun Saranga and Tamara Duarte are no doubt scene-stealers. Jeremy is more comedic brilliance that I didn’t realize I needed, and his scenes with both Doc and Dolls were always satisfying. Not only that, but a few hints in the finale suggest that he may not be all he seems. All we know is that he worked for Black Badge before it dissolved, and I am certainly curious as to what’s coming up next season.

It was almost cruel to make us fall in love with Rosita right before everything went downhill. Not only is she a revenant, indicating that she will likely have to die to end the curse, but she betrays Wynonna and tries to steal her child. If there’s anyone I want to see have some sort of redemption, it’s Rosita. Pretty please? 

We can’t mention the newcomers without acknowledging Mercedes (Kind) who surprised us all with her portrayal. This show is notorious for its versatile talent, and Kind is no exception. We’re never sure if villains are really gone on this show (see: Bobo) so I’m wondering if she’ll ever make a return.

Wynonna Earp is a once-in-a-generation kind of show. The authenticity from this season just made it even more brilliant than it already was. It truly is the Buffy of its time, and there’s no doubt that it’s only going to get bigger and better moving forward.

Season 3 of Wynonna Earp is set to air in 2018 on Syfy.

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Wynonna Earp breaks all the rules in Season 2 – and does it well

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