Mr. Robot season three trailer breakdown: 7 interesting moments!

The revolution is back. USA Network has dropped the trailer for Mr. Robot season three, which hints at dark times ahead.

The newest trailer gives us our first look at Tyrell Wellick following the traumatic season two finale, makes us question Darlene and Dominique’s relationship, and introduces us to a new character.

Check out our analysis of the season three trailer below: 

1. Tyrell Wellick and Elliot – Do they go way back? 

In the season two finale scene, we see Elliot get into a bloody altercation with Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström), after he assumed Tyrell was another one of his delusions. It quickly became clear, however, that Tyrell wasn’t just in his head.

After Tyrell uses the stolen gun to shoot Elliot, he speaks to Angela on the phone sobbing. But, things got really weird when, in the same phone call, the slightly sociopathic former Vice President of Technology for E Corp pronounced his love for Elliot.

As was the case for most of season two, the closing scene brought fans more questions than it did answers. Subsequently, social media and fan forums became riddled with theories.

Fans questioned whether Tyrell could be a friend Elliot had forgotten, whether the pair were somehow related, or if perhaps, there was a romantic link between to two.

The newest trailer seems to be bringing back discussion about the pairs’ relationship, as a broken Tyrell exclaims: “He made me shoot him. He kept saying I wasn’t real. It was almost as if he were a different person.”

2. What is happening with Angela? 

On the surface, Angela’s character may seem boring, but we have yet to find out where her alliance lies. We still don’t know what her motivations are, or whether she has flipped to the other side.

The fact that Angela’s motivations have been left in the dark means that we really don’t know what she will be up to next season. One thing is for sure, something about Angela in this trailer doesn’t sit quite right.

Angela is featured several times in the trailer, we first see her standing over Elliot as he wakes, and later see her talking to Darlene: “This is going to mark the end of E Corp,”  she says, choosing to refrain from Elliot’s go-to phrase “Evil Corp”.

3. Will Darlene become a pawn for Dominique? 

In season two, Darlene was caught and interrogated by Dominique. During their meeting, it became clear how similar the two characters are. The pair are both Jersey girls with some pretty stubborn tendencies. However, unlike Darlene, Dom chooses to stick to the side of the law.

There is no doubt that Dom will be keeping a close eye on Darlene in season two – but the question remains, will Darlene be roped into telling her everything?

We see Darlene several times in the trailer, hovering in the background and peering out from behind walls. Could this be a hint about Darlene’s motive in season three? Or is she just paranoid bout the Dark Army catching up with her?

4. What will become of Mr. Robot? 

It looks like Elliot might finally be taking care of his health this season, with a prescribed dosage of Sertraline (aka Zoloft).

While the SSRI treats depression and social anxiety, both of which Elliot seems to have, we can assume that the medication might also help him keep his delusions under control.

If that is the case, does this mean Elliot will try and rid himself of Mr. Robot once and for all?

In a flashback to the famous Ferris Wheel scene, the trailer sees Elliot exclaim to Mr. Robot: “I can stop this!,” to which Mr. Robot replies, “No, No, No. You pull the rip-cord now, they will have won.”

We later see Elliot in his Mr. Robot jacket looking extremely confused. Of course, this could just be a flashback, but it could also hint at him fighting his way back into reality during a Mr. Robot takeover.

5. Joanna, Mobley and Trenton? 

In the trailer, Dominique stares intently at her crime board.

While we have seen this board many times, it is the first time it has featured ‘X’s over Joanna, Mobley, and Trenton.

It is presumed that Mobley and Trenton are still in hiding, so the crosses over them would make sense. However, the cross over Joanna is unexpected. Does she get killed off, or is she also planning to go into hiding?

6. The new character: Who is he really? 

Mr. Robot’s newest character is Bobby Cannavale’s mysterious salesman Irving who is “a laconic, no-nonsense used car salesman.”

While we have been given a small bite of information about the newbie, it seems the show creators are sticking to their trademark style by withholding as much as they can about the character.

In the trailer, we see Irving backed by two gun-wielding Dark Army henchmen, in what appears to be the arcade.

We know that in season two, FBI agent Dominique discovers the Fun Society arcade after finding the flyer for the “End of the World Party” and searches the premises extensively.

It would be stupid for anyone to head back to the arcade following the FBI’s discovery. So if this scene does, in fact, take place in the arcade, we can assume that it is most likely a flashback and that Irving has secretly been a part of the game for some time.

7. Something big is going down!

It seems pretty likely that season three will see more devastation than the last two seasons combined.

In the short 1:30 min trailer we see the aftermath of what took place in season one and two, as citizens occupy the streets, riot police calm crowds, and military personnel march through the train.

As the trailer draws to the close, it looks like something huge has gone down. Whatever it is, Elliot doesn’t look happy.

What are your Mr. Robot season three theories? 


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Mr. Robot season three trailer breakdown: 7 interesting moments!

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