A very nerdy Christmas: 10 useful gifts to keep you writing, post NanoWriMo

NanoWriMo, the month-long writing challenge, has come to a close. Otherwise known as National Writers Month, the challenge has writers across the globe commit to jotting down a whopping 50,000 words within the thirty days of November.

Whether you met your writing goal, didn’t quite make the deadline, or didn’t participate at all, we have some awesome writer gifts to keep you, or your author friend, motivated during the festive period.

Check out our list of 10 useful products to keep writers motivated in the month of December. 

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

Step-outside without the fear of losing precious ideas with this bluetooth keyboard that will connect to pretty much any device.

The cute little portable word-maker is the perfect size to take with you on your travels and can connect to three separate devices at one time.

The keyboard works on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android and iOS, and the battery boasts a two-year life span.

This Logitech Bluetooth keyboard will set you back $39.99 USD


The eWriter lets you have the traditional pen on paper experience, without the risk of losing your notes or wasting paper.

The pressure sensitive device allows you jot down notes, draw, and mindmap ideas, the same way you would with a pen and paper.

The eWriter will keep your notes and images for as long as you want, but when you do finally decide to get rid of them, they can be easily erased with just a touch of a button.

Get one for $29.99 USD

Laptop Bed Tray


For those days when you just can’t bring yourself to leave the warmth and comfort of your own bed, never fear, the laptop bed tray is here.

Hold your coffee, laptop, pen, notepad, and mouse with ease, without having to drag yourself to your workspace.

This Bed Tray will set you back $16.99 USD

Four mode desk light


Say goodbye to that headache you get when you spend too long around yellow-tinted lights.

This lamp lets you change your light setting based on what you’re doing. Relax in a warm glow, and work hard in a natural white light. 

Get this lamp for $39.99 USD

Aqua Notes


Have you ever come up with a brilliant idea in the shower, only to forget what it was by the time you got to a pen? 

These water resistant notes will make sure you never loose a good shower idea again! 

Aqua Notes will set you back $7.55 USD

Story Cubes 


If you have writer’s block that just does not seem to quit, try these super cool story cubes.

Choose dice from a range of creative genres, including, mythic, powers, rescue, medieval, animals, clues, enchanted, and of course, original, and give them a roll to kickstart your writing creativity. 

These super cool story cubes range from $4.99 USD – $24.99 USD

Eye Massager 


Ever spend your day staring at a blank screen or piece of paper, and end up with a painful build-up of tension around your eyes? Say hello to the eye massager. 

So these weird contraptions may look like they are out of a bad sci-fi movie, but who could say no to a good eye massage?

Eye massagers range from around $60 USD to $200 USD. 

But remember, these bad boys will be spending a lot of time around your eyeballs, so please make sure that you buy them from a reputable brand!

The Handbag of Holding

Do you want to carry around a novel to read, a notepad to write, and a laptop to finish editing? Think Geeks’ Handbag of Holding is a bag that is actually made to hold all of your things! Say goodbye to your useless one section handbag, and hello to this tardis like, multi-section magic bag.

The Handbag of Holding has a built in 13″ padded tablet sleeve, two large main compartments, two outer pockets, two document pockets, one zippered department inside each document pocket, two water-bottle pockets, three slip pockets, and one black lined zipper pocket. 

This extremely useful bag will set you back $29.99



OmmWriter is a program that provides a space for you to write, free from distraction.

This full page writing program lets you choose from several atmospheric backgrounds, relaxing audio-tracks, and includes keystroke sounds, to keep your mind relaxed and focused on the task at hand. 

The program doesn’t have a set price, instead the developers suggest you pay a minimum price of $5.11 and decide for yourself whether the program is worth forking out a little more cash. 

OmmWriter is available for the Mac, PC and Ipad.



This in-depth word processor lets you create a novel, research paper, script or any long-form text.

Scrivener has a fully functional interface to research, organise ideas, collate index cards, and write a final draft.

The program also allows you to structure your writing into a usable manuscript, which can be edited based on the agent or publisher’s needs. 

Scrivener is available for Mac, iOS and Windows, and will set you back $40 USD

We would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment down below and let us know your favourite writing tools.  

 (Editors Note: We have not been paid to promote any of these products. We just love to share awesome stuff with you.)

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A very nerdy Christmas: 10 useful gifts to keep you writing, post NanoWriMo

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